MOB Flip Bowl

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This Flip Bowl is the latest heat management device by MOB. It is a perfect deal for those of you that want to feel the original taste of the tobacco. It will ensure you get the ultimate smoke experience. The MOB Flip will make your hookah and charcoal last longer. With the possibility of adjusting the heat, this flip bowl is capable to give you a perfect heat management.

More About MOB

If you are a passionate hookah smoker, you’ll know how important is to have the best performing hookah and hookah accessories on the market. Without any doubt, we present you MOB. MOB is producing high-quality products because of their composition of heavy duty stainless steel materials and thick glass. Because of their built, they are very durable and long lasting. They have wide collection of hookahs, hookah accessories and e-hookahs.

Whether this is your first time buying hookah, or you want to change the old one, MOB products are amazing deal for you.