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Designed for luxury.
Engineered for performance.

The ARKA Savant offers a customizable, heat-stabilizing design compatible with most hookah bowls, featuring various adaptors and plates for unmatched versatility.

The Savant comes with the medium bowl adaptor and a standard plate; Stainless Steel laser cut inner plate, that work together to bring you unparalleled flavor and performance.

Adapter Medium - fits most bowls, mainly any bowl that sits with the standard HMD’s flush. Such as Alpaca Rook, most Russian bowls from brands like Oblako and Japona.

The Adapter Medium comes assembled with your purchase of the Savant.

Top opening: 2.75 inches
Bottom: 3 inches

When paired with a high quality bowl, this HMD is guaranteed to elevate your smoking experience. Beautiful colorway options. Multiple sizing options allow the device to fit nearly any bowl on the market - a true masterclass of design engineering.

It stands as the pioneering modular HMD, employing advanced materials and technology to seamlessly accommodate foil.

Crafted from a single block of Pure Billet Aluminum through CNC machining, it ensures quality and durability, setting itself apart from die-cast alternatives.

Comes in 4 beautiful colors:

Echo Blue: Striving to create a color that represents the uniqueness of the Savant, Echo Blue is the peaceful breeze in a tropic beach beaming with life and luxury.

Gold: A simple and beautiful 14k Gold colorway that reflects the essence of real gold.

Black: This is the deepest Black created using Savant proprietary Anodization process without sacrificing performance.

Silver: The Silver Savant captures hues and shadows and reflects them with a beautiful diffusion and metallic sparkle.