• Dagger Hookah Tong

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    Dagger Hookah Tong

    Limited Quantity! These cool looking hookah tongs have a nice sharp end for breaking apart charcoal. They are made of metal. Use them to place coals on your hookah head. May not be produced anymore. Get one today.

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  • Hammer Tong

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    Hammer Tong

    These tongs are cut from a thicker metal making stronger and harder to bend. The point on the end of the tong is perfect for breaking and cutting through coals. This Hammer tongs also comes with a sleeve to keep your tongs safely concealed.

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  • MYA Original Tong

    MYA Saray

    MYA Original Tong

    Mya high quality tongs are not only great looking, they function best. The angled handle and tapered design make for easy handling. They are 6 inches in length and have a sharpened 6 inch spike to poke holes in foil. You cannot go wrong with these.

    USD $6.30
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  • Traditional Tong

    My Hookah

    Traditional Tong

    Most popular. Come with steel rod to pierce the foil. Use it for placing your heated charcoal on your bowl. The hookah tongs will keep your hands safe when placing the charcoal on the bowl of your shisha.

    USD $3.60
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