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  • MIG Windbreaker MIG Windbreaker MIG Windbreaker

    MIG Windbreaker

    With the MIG WINDBREAKR you defy any weather. Whether in summer or winter, the MIG WINDBREAKR made of the finest, heat-resistant borosilicate glass always works. Just put it on and start smoking! TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Material: Heat-resistant...

  • MIG Toolkit MIG Toolkit

    MIG Toolkit

    With the MIG TOOLKIT you always have the necessary tools for a perfect bowl build with you. The fork is perfect for effortlessly stirring and portioning your tobacco. With the needle you poke precise holes in the aluminum foil and the MIG GRIP MINI...

  • MIG Copper Polish

    MIG Copper Polish

    Help your brass shisha regain its old shine. With the MIG CLEANR - COPPER POLISH your water pipe will look like new again.   TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Content: 1 tube (70g)

  • MIG Meshup

    MIG Meshup

    When it gets dirty. With the MIG MESHUP you can also remove hard dirt from your bowl. Simply shake it with the addition of cold water and the dirt is gone in no time.   TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Material: Chain mesh made out of V2A stainless...

  • MIG KIT Adapter MIG KIT Adapter MIG KIT Adapter MIG KIT Adapter

    MIG KIT Adapter

    With our new MIG KIT ADAPTER made of the best V2A stainless steel, you can adapt any of our MIG TRADI, TRADI MINI, AIRFORCE L and AIRFORCE M bases to the hookahs from our PREMIUM and X-SERIES category. So you can experience the unique smoke feeling...

  • MIG Glass Cleaner

    MIG Glass Cleaner

    Save yourself the hassle of scrubbing. With the MIG CLEANR - GLASS CLEANER you can easily clean your dirty base without the hassle of scrubbing or brushing. Simple soiling can thus be easily removed.NOTE: Never rinse the base with hot...

  • MIG Fiber Cloth

    MIG Fiber Cloth

    Cleaning has never been so easy. The black cloth for rough cleaning and the white cloth for the subsequent finish. Whether polishing or cleaning. With the MIG FIBER you achieve the perfect result in combination with our MIG CLEANR products...

  • MIG Carrier/ Hose Holder MIG Carrier/ Hose Holder MIG Carrier/ Hose Holder

    MIG Carrier/ Hose Holder

    With the MIG CARRIER hose holder, you no longer have problems putting down your shisha hose. Simply mount the hose holder in the desired position of your MIG hookah and you're done. You have the choice of how you want to mount it:   1. Between...

  • MIG Bunkr Bowl MIG Bunkr Bowl MIG Bunkr Bowl

    MIG Bunkr Bowl

    The MIG BUNKR hookah bowl is made of food-safe concrete and is manufactured in Germany with high quality. Each individual bowl is cast in concrete and reworked in painstaking manual work.Its modern and clean design integrates perfectly into any MIG...

9 of 9 Items