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  • Fakher Glass Charcoal Tray Replacement - 1 pc


    Fakher Glass Charcoal Tray Replacement - 1 pc

    Fakher Glass Charcoal Tray Replacement Hookah Glass Charcoal Screen for Al Fakher all Glass Hookah Pack of 1 pc Original Part OD: 2.46" 62.5 mm and ID: 2 inches 52 mm Compatible With Al Fakher All Glass Hookah

  • Pharaoh’s Charcoal Holder Pharaoh’s Charcoal Holder


    Pharaoh’s Charcoal Holder

    Perfect for the avid at-home hookah lover. It is made of stainless steel, the small Pharaoh Hookah coal carrier will prove its place. This chrome spoon holds up to 10 burning hot natural charcoal cubes.

  • Deep Hookah Charcoal Carrier - w/Fancy Handle

    My Hookah

    Deep Hookah Charcoal Carrier - w/Fancy Handle

    Simple and practical. The Deep Hookah Charcoal Carrier is used to safely move hot charcoal. Features a coiled grip for comfort and a tong hook. Available in four sizes. (14 cm carrier not shown in image) 

    $13.95 - $17.95



    Perfect for hookah cafes and lounges, outdoor backyard, the large MYA Hookah coal carrier basket holds over 80 hot natural charcoal cubes and stands 14 inches tall 

  • Spiral Charcoal  Holder


    Spiral Charcoal Holder

    Sometimes simplicity is the way to go to get things done, and these spiral coal holders get the job done in the simplest manner. It slows down the heating process, making your molasses burn slower while receiving enough heat. It is great if you are...

  • Medium Black Charcoal Carrier

    My Hookah

    Medium Black Charcoal Carrier

    Steel black charcoal carrier. Simple and popular design. Tong holder attached. Holds 2 lbs of charcoal. Use to keep safe and carry charcoal around. 14 Inches tall 

  • Mesh Charcoal Holder Mesh Charcoal Holder

    My Hookah

    Mesh Charcoal Holder

    Keep your ash in one basket for easier cleaning and disposal. it also provide extra ventilation to keep the charcoal lit. Made of stainless steel. Best low cost tool to keep your shisha clean of charcoal dust. Dimensions: 2.75" deep, 3.25"...

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