Na Grani Heat Controller (HMD)

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Na Grani Heat Controller (HMD)

High quality and reliability
The heat controller is made of AISI - 304 food grade stainless steel. This material ensures the safety of the device from loss of appearance during operation.

Excellent smoking properties
Optimally matched heat controller shape, metal thickness and hole arrangement provide excellent thermal conductivity and comfort during hookah smoking. Also, due to the shape, the device is stably located on the bowl.

Long service life
The device does not oxidize, is not subject to plaque formation and physical impact. It is also resistant to high temperatures - the controller "ON THE VERGE" can be heated on an electric stove next to coals.

Lack of lid and handle
As practice has shown, most people do not use the lid and handle. Therefore, to transfer the device, we have provided special slots for forceps. A cap will serve as an alternative to the lid.

The device is made in a unique minimalistic style "ON THE VERGE". After the first use, it acquires a golden hue, which gives the device additional aesthetics. A branded wooden packaging allows you to present the heat controller as a great gift.

The ON EDGE heat control device is suitable for almost all bowls on the market.
Fitting diameter to the bowl - 74 mm
Inner diameter - 56 mm
Depth - 24 mm
Weight - 160 grams