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The Smokah Reptile shisha smoking pipe is another handsome piece off Smokah’s line. It features cool fancy designs on the stem and pipe handle that give it its signature look. The black bowl, silver metal clay and grommet, and glass base add a classy feel that anyone will love.

It is also the hookah you want if you are looking for something that will enable you blow thick clouds, and still deliver the true taste of your shisha flavors. It is an ideal piece for beginner and veteran shisha fans.

Why you will love the Smokah Reptile:

  • It is visually appealing with its elegantly beautiful designs
  • Combines modern and traditional visual styles beautifully
  • Made for great performance – must have for veterans
  • Strong built makes it a long lasting shisha pipe

In the box:

  • Stem
  • Tray
  • Glass Base
  • Hose
  • Tongs
  • Bowl
  • Diffuser
  • Mouth piece w/ Lanyard