NAYB Hookah - Purple and Gold Flakes

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The NAYB Hookah® brand was born in the heart of Brazil, as an idea of ​​its founder Wendys Nayb who, as a great hookah fan and expert craftsman, had the goal of making high quality hookahs. That is why handmade resin centers with unique detail and care have end up being a characteristic symbol of their models, and this makes every hookah exclusive.


NAYB hookahs, in addition to having a spectacular presentation with really surprising endings, is a handcrafted product which you'll be sure of you are acquiring a truly exclusive item with.

NAYB hookahs have always been made with top quality materials, also in their steelmade structure.

It highlights the advantage of modifying the decorative resin to your like depending on the setup you are using at every time and, with no doubt, it's an unique experience on your hookah afternoons with friends or simply while watching television.

There're many reasons to buy a Nayb Hookah®. You also have a wide variety of models, so you just have to look for your own one.


We can't neither forget its spectacular way of purging, another of our distinguishing brand, which simulates an igniting rocket. The original design of NAYB Hookah® has earned it wide international recognition.

What is in the package:

  • Glass Vase
  • Full Stem
  • Matching handle
  • Silicon hose
  • King Tray
  • Bowl and Hose Grommets

NB: Bowl is NOT included, click here to get one.