NAYB Hookah White

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About NAYB Hookah®


NAYB Hookah® is a distinguished brand that originated in Brazil, founded by Wendy Nayb. As an avid hookah enthusiast and skilled craftsman, Wendy's vision was to create premium quality hookahs. The hallmark of NAYB's models lies in their meticulously handcrafted resin centers, each bearing unique details, making every hookah an exclusive masterpiece.


Why Choose NAYB Hookahs?


NAYB Hookahs offer a stunning presentation with astonishing finishes, proudly handcrafted to ensure each piece is genuinely exclusive. Utilizing top-notch materials, including a steel-made structure, these hookahs guarantee exceptional durability and performance.


A key feature of NAYB Hookahs is the ability to customize the decorative resin to suit your preferences and the setup you're using. This adds a touch of uniqueness to your hookah.


With a diverse range of models available, you'll find the perfect NAYB Hookah® that suits your style and needs.


Cascade Purge


NAYB Hookah® boasts a striking purging mechanism that emulates an igniting rocket, setting it apart from other brands. This distinctive design has garnered widespread international acclaim.


What's Included in the Package:


  • Glass Vase
  • Full Stem
  • Matching Handle
  • Silicone Hose
  • King Tray
  • Bowl and Hose Grommets


Please note that the bowl is not included but can be purchased separately by clicking here.