Moze Silicon Hose

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Moze Silicon Hose


Discover the advantages of our silicone hoses:


  • Soft touch : The pleasant feel makes your smoking experience even more comfortable.
  • Flexibility : Thanks to the high-quality silicone, the hose is flexible and resistant.
  • Design : The matte soft-touch look completes the design of your setup. The wide range of colors, adapted to the Moze Wavy colors, emphasizes the details of your Moze Shisha.
  • Dust-free : The soft-touch surface of the hose prevents electrification and ensures that no dust sticks to it.
  • Odor-resistant : The silicone tube hardly absorbs odors from previously smoked tobacco and does not distort your smoking experience.
  • Easy to clean: The silicone hose can be cleaned with standard household cleaning products.


Length: 1.5m


Note: With prolonged use, the soft-touch surface may become worn