MOZE Hookah Mouth Tips

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Moze Mouth Tips are an ideal choice for those who enjoy smoking with friends at home or in a lounge. These tips offer the same hygienic smoking experience as disposable mouthpieces but can be reused, making them a sustainable option.

Each Moze Tip has a unique appearance due to the use of epoxy resin and color gradients, ensuring that no two are the same.

In addition to promoting personal hygiene, using a Moze Tip also benefits the environment, as they can be washed and reused, eliminating the need for disposal after each use.


  • Easy to clean: Moze Tips have washable silicone at the end and epoxy resin at the front, making them easy to clean with household cleaning agents.
  • Easy to use: Moze Tips are effortless to use as they have a built-in gradation in the silicone interior and good elasticity, allowing for easy attachment and removal onto any standard mouthpiece.
  • Odor-resistant: The tips absorb hardly any odors.
  • High-quality design: The color matching to the Wavy Sleeves as well as the high-quality surface make your setup complete.
  • Removable lanyard: The timelessly designed lanyard can be easily removed by the attached clip.