Moze Exclusive Glass Arc - Hoarfrost Down - Clear Hookah Glass

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Arc Bowls are exclusively available only at Moze in the small "Moze Exclusive" version. The bowl has a flat tapering neck that transitions into a narrow, flat belly, allowing for a tight draw behavior.
The Hoarfrost designs combine frosted and clear sections that are connected by deep, overlapping cuts. The Hoarfrost Down variant starts at the neck with a frosted area decorated with a ring of wild cuts. This is followed by a transparent area, bordered by deep, overlapping cuts, and ends again with a frosted section. This design is particularly popular among many of our customers.
Our "Moze Exclusive Bowls" are only available from us and are the result of a collaboration with Caesar Crystal Bohemiae. Handcrafted in the Czech Republic, they are perfect for our small models like the Breeze Two, Breeze Pro, Amotion Flash Bang, and the shortened versions of the Moze Varity and Amotion FUTR, and simply elevate any small hookah.

Inner diameter (neck opening): 4.5cm
Height: approx. 19.5cm
Color: Clear
Cut: Hoarfrost Down
Shape: Arc

Note: Compatible with all Moze hookahs, but designed for small hookahs such as Varity with a shortened downstem and the Breeze Two. All hookahs of similar size should fit easily on these plug bowls.
Additionally, small air inclusions (e.g. air bubbles) may occur in the glass (bowl) and therefore do not constitute a reason for complaint!