Moze Exclusive Glass Cone - Crown Cut - Yellow Hookah Glass

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These Moze Exclusive Bowls are handcrafted by Caesar Crystal in the Czech Republic and are characterized by their beautiful cone shape. This glass base offers not only visual but also static stability thanks to its wide base and wedge-shaped design.
The many symmetrical cuts of the Crowncut make these bowls shine like gemstones, as they refract light in all the colors of the rainbow. The clear structure of the cut gives the bowl a clear structure and elegance. With the artistically crafted bowls from Caesar Crystal, every small hookah becomes a special highlight. Elevate your setup to a new level with a bowl from Caesar Crystal.

Inner Diameter (Neck Opening): 4.5cm
Height: approx. 19.5cm
Color: Yellow
Cut: Crown Cut
Shape: Cone

Note: Compatible with all Moze hookahs, but designed for small hookahs such as Varity with a shortened downstem and the Breeze Two. All hookahs of similar size should fit easily on these glass bases.
In addition, small air bubbles (e.g. air pockets) may occur in the glass (bowl) and therefore do not constitute a reason for complaint!