Moze Exclusive Glass Cone - Rock - Grey Shisha Bowl

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We have developed the Cone Form in a compact version for the Moze Exclusive glasses. This bowl is characterized by its static and optical stability, which is ensured by the wide base. The wedge-shaped design gives your setup clear contours and a low center of gravity, which provides additional stability, especially for smaller shisha pipes.
The Cone Form looks great in the Rock Design. This cut gives its surface a stone-like, almost futuristic-looking surface structure. The many different surface shapes are varied and offer you a variety of optical stimuli.
Our Moze Exclusive bowls are handcrafted in cooperation with Caesar Crystal. They fit perfectly with our small pipes such as the Breeze Two, Breeze Pro, Amotion Flash Bang, but the Moze Varity or Amotion FUTR with short immersion tubes also fit on the small bowls. With the artistic bowls from Caesar Crystal, every small shisha becomes something very special and significantly enhances your setup.

Inner diameter (neck opening): 4.5cm
Height: approx. 19.5cm
Color: Grey
Cut: Rock
Shape: Cone

Note: Compatible with all Moze pipes, but designed for small pipes such as Varity with shortened downpipe and the Breeze Two. All pipes of a similar size should fit easily on these plug-in bowls.
In addition, small air inclusions (e.g. air bubbles) can occur in the glass (bowl) and therefore do not constitute grounds for complaint!