Moze Flare Coal Tongs

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Moze Flare Coal Tongs: Precision, Style, and Performance

Introducing the Moze Flare Coal Tongs, a masterpiece that marries exceptional aesthetics with high-quality materials and a meticulously designed functional principle. These tongs are not just a tool; they're an experience, enhancing your hookah setup with their innovative features and stylish design.

What's Special About the Moze Flare Coal Tongs?

Crafted with precision, the Moze Flare Coal Tongs feature grooves milled into the inside of the tips, providing a superior grip on your coals. These grooves significantly reduce the chance of coals slipping and minimize contact points with small embers, ensuring that less heat is transferred to the tongs. This clever design keeps the tongs cooler and prevents unnecessary cooling of the coals, maintaining optimal heat for your hookah session.

The handle is crafted from high-quality silicone, offering an exceptional grip and heat protection. Inspired by the design of the Moze Flare Coal Basket, the tongs and basket together create a visually harmonious and functional unit.


Color: Black or Silver
Length: 22 cm
Width: 3.2 cm
Material: Powder-coated stainless steel and silicone

Elevate your hookah experience with the Moze Flare Coal Tongs—where style meets function in perfect harmony.