Diamond Hookah

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If you want to feel the original taste of the tobacco and yet have another luxurious home decor, we recommend you the Diamond Hookah by MOB. This is German design hookah with stainless steel elements and heavy duty thick glass for the base. What makes it unique is the Diamond Shaped Molasses catcher that brings the best out of your tobacco. It has Pyrex tray and top of the Line Lycan Bowl which means there is NO foil needed.
This is 4 hose capacity hookah with rubber-less hose ports and in the package we send you ONE Medical Grade Silicone hose with aluminum handle.

More About MOB

MOB is one of the leaders in the hookah market industry with undoubtedly stunning collection of hookahs, hookah accessories and E-hookahs. They made sure that each product is highly durable with producing them with stainless steel materials and heavy duty think glass for the bases and other hookah parts. With patenting the AK47, MOB started producing the best looking hookahs with great performance.