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How is it made?
The "Hookain Popo" bowl is meticulously handcrafted in Spain using premium white clay renowned for its quality. This intricate manufacturing process ensures even heat distribution throughout the bowl.

What makes it special?

This bowl's unique qualities include a high firing temperature of 1250 degrees, enhancing its heat retention and delivering a long-lasting smoking experience. Its phunnel-like shape is designed to evenly heat the tobacco, producing an intense and flavorful smoke. Despite the playful name, "Popo" stands for Power Of Phunnel Original, reflecting its superior design and performance.

Tobacco Capacity

With a capacity of 15g, the "Hookain Popo" bowl is ideal for extended smoking sessions, making it perfect for both social gatherings and solitary relaxation.

Recommended Accessories

Pair the "Hookain Popo" bowl with the "ONMO HMD - Black", the "ARKA Savant HMD" or the "FUMANT HEAT HMD" for an enhanced smoking experience.


Height: approx. 7cm
Depot height: approx. 1.1cm
Outer diameter: approx. 7.4cm
Inner diameter: approx. 6.3cm

Note: Due to the handcrafted nature of the bowl, slight variations in shape and color from the product image are to be expected. Some bleeding may occur, which is a natural characteristic of the material and not a defect.

Bleeding: The "bleeding" of a hookah bowl refers to the phenomenon of molasses being drawn into the bowl from the tobacco, and then seeps into the hookah stem.