Aladin Shisha Clay Bowl with Mockingbird chimney

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A simple chimney bowl set that consists of an unglazed clay bowl and an Aladin Mockingbird chimney attachment.

In the set you get a multi-hole clay bowl with a generous tobacco deposit and a classy aluminum chimney attachment.
The Mockingbird attachment has a large screen with high edges, so you can easily place your coals on the chimney. Both products harmonize wonderfully with each other and allow you a quick and easy setup.
Fill the tobacco into the bowl so it's just below the edge.

Height overall: approx. 8cm

Height chimney: approx. 8cm
Diameter inside: approx. 7cm
Diameter sieve: approx. 9,5cm
Diameter sieve hole: approx. 1,1cm

Height Bowl: approx. 8cm
Diameter: approx. 5cm
Depth: approx. 2,5cm

General note:
Often there is still a thin, oily layer from production on chimney attachments. Therefore, chimney attachments should be burned out on the charcoal lighter before the first use to remove this layer.