Khalil Mamoon Oxidized Shamadan 1 Floor

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This small hookah package is one of our best- selling products. As you can see, it has a perfectly designed hose, with golden Egyptian elements which make it even more genuine.

Its glass base is rounded with matte white color and crafted with golden circles. Having this hookah at your home will give you a unique smoking experience, and what’s even more you will be eager to invite your friends and constantly enjoy hookah smoking sessions.

In The Box:

  • Stem
  • Hose
  • Glass base
  • Tray
  • Tongs
  • Bowl

More About Khalil Mamoon

Khalil Mamoon hookahs are designed to provide a great smoking experience that will make you crave for more as soon as you leave the hookah pipe. What’s very outstanding for these hookahs is that each one of them is uniquely designed, implementing heavy duty materials and welds. These heavy duty materials and welds contribute to their permanence and stability. Believe it or not- they could last for a lifetime. That’s why passionate hookah lovers and smokers would highly recommend our authentic products.

Each one of our Khalil Mamoon hookahs is handmade, and for this reason you will always get an amazing and unique smoking experience. You will feel much more confident since you will be smoking from an authentically built hookah. And since all of them are hand-produced, there might be slight differences and similarities.

Our hookahs may also have some tiny weld marks, minor scuffs or even some scratches on the stem that are caused by bending the metal, such as on the top of the hose. In addition, you may encounter some weld lines or unpolished metal on the welds and glass base. Yet, they are caused by the hand-painting method.

Each Khalil Mamoon hookah would perfectly fit within an Egyptian style decorated home. Don’t hesitate, make the first move!