Moze Epic Phunnel

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Moze Epic Phunnel

Introducing the Moze Epic Phunnel, the latest addition to the Moze bowl (head) lineup. These meticulously designed bowls are a testament to Moze's commitment to innovation and quality.

The Epic Phunnel stands out with its unique shape, setting it apart from other traditional bowl designs. Upon closer examination, you may notice a sense of familiarity in the shape, yet Moze has managed to imbue it with their own distinct touch.

One of the notable features of the Epic Phunnel is its all-over glaze. This glazing technique not only enhances the visual appeal of the bowl but also adds a qualitative advantage. The glaze acts as a protective barrier, preventing the molasses from seeping into the clay. This, coupled with the phunnel construction, ensures an optimal utilization of the tobacco and molasses.

The Moze Epic Phunnel is available in two glaze variants. The first is the plain model, which features a single-color glaze. The second variant is the two-tone model, characterized by a striking combination of two different colors. Both variants boast the same high-quality construction and performance, differing only in their aesthetic appearance.

The Epic Phunnel Plain model has the following dimensions: It stands approximately 9.9 cm tall, measures around 7.6 cm in width, and has a depot height of approximately 0.9 cm. These proportions make it suitable for a satisfying smoking experience while allowing for an ample tobacco capacity.

Please note:

The image provided is for illustrative purposes only, and the bowl you receive may vary in shape and color from what is shown. It is important to be aware that cracks in the glaze may already be present upon delivery. While such cases cannot be completely avoided due to production reasons, they do not constitute grounds for complaints as they do not affect the functionality or performance of the bowl.

With the Moze Epic Phunnel, you can expect a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality, making it an excellent choice for hookah enthusiasts seeking a premium bowl experience.

Model:  Epic Phunnel 
Colors: Plain and Two Tone


  • Height: approx. 9.9 cm
  • Width: approx. 7.6 cm
  • Depot height: approx. 0.9 cm