Cloud King Hookah

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The Cloud King hookah matches with elegance and performance more than any other hookah on the market. We present you the MOB's Cloud King hookah in a gold color that stands as the most elite smoking hookah on the market nowadays!
It is perfectly engineered and designed to bring you the best smoking pleasure and huge smoke clouds.
If you can't decide what to choose between the modern or traditional style hookahs, we recommend choosing the Cloud King hookah.
It is elegant, easy to use, and has the following features:

  • Internal carb for easy smoke clearing
  • On or off diffuser option 
  • Plug in hose
  • Steady Lotus design tray
  • A unique hybrid and the first of its kind

More About MOB

MOB hookah is one of the leading hookah producers on the market because of their original collection of hookahs, hookah accesories and E-hookahs. They are mostly known about their patented product AK47 Hookah, but despite that, they have many other products that will satisfy your smoking desires.
Each product of the MOB's collection is made of high quality stainless steel materials and heavy duty thick glass which make them highly durable. Whatever you choose from their products, you get an authentic item and perfect luxurious home decor element.