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Behold the mighty Kong Turkish Boy Ice HOOKAH bowl, harboring ice like no other!

Crafted for the cool-headed souls with hearts of warmth, this isn't just any hookah bowl—it's a masterpiece. Its surface is etched with frosty patterns like nature's own ice sculptures, while a lustrous glaze bestows a glossy shield against tobacco soot.

Double-fired and shaped from four vibrant clay hues, this fully glazed bowl brings the chill to your palms in classic Turki style.

Fired at a scorching 1200 degrees, it's designed for 15-20 grams of tobacco, with six chillum holes to keep your smoke flowing smoothly.

Unleash your inner Kong and conquer the clouds!



Height – 8 cm
Outer diameter – 7.5 cm
Inner diameter – 5.75 cm
Volume: 15-20 grams