Khalil Mamoon Pyramid Vase

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Khalil Mamoon Pyramid Vase

This is the latest vase design from Khalil Mamoon. 10 inches tall, these Khalil Mamoon vases are made with thicker glass than a normal hookah vase and feature elegant, colorful designs. Each vase has an opening dimension of 2.00 inches. Designed to fit medium and large Khalil Mamoon hookahs. 

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  • Khalil Mamoon Pyramid Vase

More about Khalil Mamoon

For over hundred years, Khalil Mamoon stands highest in the world of hookahs. Its traditional Egyptian style is a great symbol for the entire hookah industry. They are well handcrafted with heavy duty materials and welds- it is built to last for years. The most appealing part is its mixture of great air-flow and beautiful traditional styling.

As mentioned before, each Khalil Mamoon is carefully handmade and it has its own unique minor scuffs and scratches. Each Khalil Mamoon hookah differs from the others- you will always have the one and only version of that hookah design. Some hookahs have visible weld lines or unpolished metal on the welds and vases that are basically a result of the hand painting manufacture. But still, there the best known designed hookahs for whole century.

Khalil Mamoon hookahs have wide-gauge tubing, highly functional purge and wide hose port that are crucial factor why KM hookahs are best for big smoke clouds and great puff experience.

If you are new in the world of hookahs, don’t hesitate to take Khalil Mamoon. All hookah features you desire are fit in just one timeless hookah piece. It will be your best hookah choice with no doubt.