Khalil Mamoon Farouni Oxide

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We are so excited to present you the Khalil Mamoon Pharaoh Hookah (Farouni Hookah). It is piece of the traditional Egyptian KM hookahs with beautiful gold and silver elements. This hookah is a great opportunity for long puffing sessions with your dearest. The glass base has beautiful hand painted golden decorations that make its appeal even more attractive.

In the Box

  • Authentic with KM stamp on the tray
  • KM Pro signature hose 60″
  • Silver Metal Tray
  • Clay Bowl
  • Grommets

More About Khalil Mamoon


Khalil Mamoon hookahs will give you a special smoking pleasure, one that you have never would imagine. They are very popular for their awesome smoking capacity. Furthermore, they are exceptional as they offer a one of a kind and are made by heavy duty materials. That is the reason they are so durable and could even endure forever. All passionate and even new hookah smokers will undoubtedly cherish these items since they offer high quality and performance.

Our Khalil Mamoon items are carefully handmade. This means you will smoke from an exceptionally made hookah, genuinely made to meet your expectations. As every hookah is uniquely made you may see slight varieties from hookah to hookah. We recommend this hookah for every passionate smoker and also for those who are looking for hookah for the first time. Shop Today!