Khalil Mamoon Hummer Gold

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Khalil Mamoon Hummer Gold is an authentic piece from the Khalil Mamoon family- traditional Egyptian style hookah known by their high-performing experience you get. The Khalil Mamoon Hummer Gold is 32 inches tall hookah with elegant golden stem and glass vase on the bottom. The crystal glass base is covered with stylish golden lines, which makes it even more appealing. You will have maximum smoking pleasure and you will never get enough.

In The Box:

  • Stem
  • Tray
  • Glass Base
  • Hose
  • Tongs
  • Bowl

More about Khalil Mamoon

Khalil Mamoon hookahs are traditional Egyptian style handcrafted pieces, made by expert Egyptian artisans. For many years, KM hookahs stand on the top of the list of the best performing and appealing hookahs on the market. They are built with heavy duty materials and welds, which make these hookahs last for a whole century.

Each product of the KM family is handmade and has unique appealing. There are no two hookahs with same hand painted lines and elements, so if you get a Khalil Mamoon hookah, you always get the one and only piece in the world. If you notice some weld marks or scuffs on the stem, don’t worry- there are just a product of the bending metal process. All of this makes just another authentic Egyptian master handcraft.

KM hookahs are great mix of elegant appealing home decorative element and high performing ancient vaporizer. It has a wide crystal base that provides power so you can create huge smoking clouds. Its smoking ability is what makes them a recognizable brand and a strong recommendation from the serious and passionate hookah smokers.

Whether this is your first time buying hookah or you want to change the old one, Khalil Mamoon is a great deal for you.