Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef - Tall

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Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef - Tall

34 inches hookah. Keeping the best KM quality, Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef is another amazing product of the traditional Egyptian style hookah family. It has beautifully shaped black stem with a polished glass bowl(clear with a design or painted black). Like all KM hookahs, it is very durable and makes huge smoke clouds.

In the Box

  • Authentic with KM stamp on the tray
  • KM Pro signature hose 60″
  • Silver Metal Tray
  • Cleaning brush set
  • Base protective mat
  • Clay Bowl
  • Grommets

More About Khalil Mamoon

The Egyptian traditional hookahs, Khalil Mamoon are one of the oldest and top leaders in the hookah industry. Built with heavy duty materials and welds, these hookahs can last forever. Along with their durability, KM hookahs are high quality and great performance.

When it comes to the design, these hookahs are handmade, which means there are no two hookahs exactly the same. The piece you get is unique.

The weld marks and the minor scuffs you may notice are just because of the bending the metal. And this also gives special authenticity to your Khalil Mamoon hookah. The glass bowl also may have visible hand painted marks that are also different from glass to glass. (Not necessarily the same in the picture)

Whether you are a passionate smoker or a first-time buyer, Khalil Mamoon is a perfect choice for having long puffing sessions with huge smoke clouds and the original tobacco taste.