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The Alligator Gator hookah has four 18.8 mm hose connections. The adapters for the silicone hose have 18.8 mm cut, are connected to the hose connections without a seal. But you can also use an ordinary adapter with a conventional hose seal.

The carbon plate is mounted on the smoke column using an 18.8 mm joint adapter. So the alligator hookah can be easily expanded with a molasse catcher.

The dip tube of the Alligator Gator hookah is equipped with a screwable diffuser and the hookah has a modern click lock.

Matching accessories such as a silicone hose with mouthpiece, chimney head set with strainer, a hose spring and tongues make this alligator hookah a complete set.

Included in the box:

  • Glass bowl in clear, click lock
  • Base and smoke column made of stainless steel, in silver
  • Charcoal plate made of stainless steel, in gold
  • 4 stainless steel hose connections, in gold
  • 4 adapters for silicone hose made of stainless steel, in silver
  • Diffuser, unscrewable, made of stainless steel, in silver
  • Silicone hose about 1.50 meters, black
  • Stainless steel mouthpiece with plastic handle
  • Stone head multi-hole
  • Chimney head set
  • Tube spring
  • Coal tongs
  • LED
  • Keychain
  • Hygiene mouthpiece

Note: The tongue is not the same as in the picture.