ALADIN Hookah MVP Rocket

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Aladin MVP Rocket

The MVP Rocket is a large hookah with a V2A stainless steel smoke column and lots of features. It offers you a high level of quality at a fair price and, in addition to its elegant and eye-catching style, comes with 1 connection and a special valve.

With the MVP Rocket Hookah from Aladin you get a large hookah in an elegant and eye-catching style at a fair price.

With its size of 53cm, the MVP Rocket is a big beautiful hookah. With its elegant design and eye-catching vases, it is a real eye-catcher and also scores with a particularly light and pleasant draft. Ground connections also allow you to assemble and dismantle quickly. Thanks to the 18/8 cut for the head adapter, you can also attach a corresponding molasses catcher to it to give your MVP Rocket a personal touch.

A closed-chamber system is hidden in the base, which allows you to easily blow stale smoke out of the bowl. The diffuser on the immersion tube can be adjusted and also removed, which allows you to influence the noise development. The MVP Rocket is naturally equipped with 1 hose connection with an 18/8 cut. There is a normal valve on the base for blowing out. In addition, 2 valves are also incorporated, which direct the smoke upwards when you blow through.

In addition to the hookah itself, you have a silicone hose set and a chimney head set included in the package.
The hose set consists of an anti-static silicone hose with an aluminum mouthpiece and kink protection.
The chimney head set consists of the Aladin Optimus Eco and a Mockingbird attachment.

High Quality V2A stainless steel
Closed chamber
Stainless steel
Transparent Glass
One Hose connection
Screw-on closure
Length: 50 - 69cm

Accessories included:
Coal tongs.
Adjustable diffuser.
Tobacco bowl with chimney attachment
Silicon Hose set.

up to 2 connections

General note:

Air bubbles are common and can occur in any bowl. However, it will not affect the functionality of the hookah and will still taste great! 

Every glass and every epoxy smoke column is unique and has an individual color and structure. 

It may vary from what you see on our website because of individual color gradients.