Aladin Epox 555

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Aladin Epox 555

Elevate Your Hookah Experience
Introducing the Aladin Epox 555, a masterpiece of design and functionality that brings luxury and innovation to your smoking sessions. This hookah stands out with its stainless steel smoke pillar, perfectly complemented by a metallic faceted glass vase. Available in three stunning colors—Metallic Blue, Frozen White, and Silver Black—the Epox 555 is designed to suit any style.

Premium Quality and Unique Design

Height: 55 cm

Body: Constructed from a special blend of epoxy resin, infused with dye and shimmering particles, giving it a partially marble appearance. This results in an original and luxurious look that will be the centerpiece of any space.

Vent System: The advanced blow-off system allows you to control the direction and location of the smoke release. Whether you want the smoke to exit from the body, above or below the tray, upwards, or downwards, the choice is yours. This feature adds a playful and customizable element to your smoking experience.

Complete Set for Immediate Enjoyment
The Aladin Epox 555 comes with everything you need for a perfect session:

  • Optimus Bowl: Ensures even heat distribution for a smoother smoke.
  • Mockingbird Heat Management Device: Regulates the temperature of the coal for consistent flavor.
  • Silicone Hose with Aluminum Mouthpiece: Provides a comfortable and durable handling experience.
  • Diffuser: Reduces noise and ensures smoother smoke.
  • Connector with Ground Joint: Ensures a secure and airtight connection.
  • Silicone Hose Spring: Prevents hose kinking for easy maneuverability.
  • Tongs: For safe coal handling.
  • Set of Gaskets: Guarantees a tight seal to maximize performance.

Why Choose the Aladin Epox 555?
If you seek a hookah that offers more than just smoking, the Aladin Epox 555 is perfect for you. Its unique venting system and luxurious design allow for creative smoke play, making every session a delightful and entertaining experience. The epoxy resin body, available in various captivating variants, adds a distinctive character to this exceptional hookah.

Transform your hookah sessions with the Aladin Epox 555 and experience the perfect blend of elegance and innovation.