Aladin Epox 425 Hookah - Black Mode

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Aladin Epox 425 Hookah - Black Mode

More than 15 different blow-off options - High-quality stainless steel - Beautiful epoxy - Complete set - Countless customization options - The EPOX 425 is a superlative shisha - because it offers more than you can imagine.

With 5 different precision stainless steel rings - 2 beautiful stainless steel plates and an elegant epoxy resin sleeve, over 15 different blow-offs are possible. By simply repositioning and swapping the rings, you can choose how your shisha should look today and where the smoke comes out.

But of course that's not all. With the adjustable diffuser you can choose how strong or weak and how loud or quiet the draft should be. Thanks to the specially built-in stainless steel cut in the base, you can plug in and unplug or change the hose at any time. The shape of the plug-in bowl ensures optimal draft and easy cleaning.

So that you can get started right away, a hose set and a headset are of course also included. There are also 2 seals for different bowl sizes, spare balls and coal tongs.

Functions and special features:
 • More than 10 blow-offs
 • Closed chamber system
 • Stainless steel cut
 • Adjustable diffuser
 • Headset
 • Hose set
 • Many customization options
 • Very handy and stable shisha

Scope of delivery:
1x charcoal plate
1x blow-off plate

1x head adapter
5x stainless steel rings for blow-offs
1x epoxy resin sleeve
1x POM base
1x stainless steel smoke column
1x stainless steel immersion tube
1x adjustable diffuser
1x glass plug-in bowl
1x aluminum mouthpiece
1x silicone hose
1x hose spring
1x stainless steel hose adapter
1x Optimus Eco head
1x head gasket
1x Mockingbird
1x carbon tongs
5x valve balls
5x replacement balls
2x plug-in bowl seals

Size: 42.5 cm without head
Material: stainless steel / epoxy resin / POM / glass
Color stainless steel: silver
Color glass: transparent
Color epoxy: white

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