ALADIN 2 GO - Aluminum - Complete Set

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With the complete package including an MVP 2 Go Aluminum Hookah from Aladin, a silicone hose and an aluminum mouthpiece, you get an excellent travel hookah set at a great Price.

The 23 cm small pipe is breathtaking in every way and the size allows you to stow it away in the included transport bag. Alternatively, you can use the box in which the hookah is delivered to transport.

High-quality aluminum and thick glass give the hookah its firm footing and its longevity. You can reduce the bubbling noise level to your liking with the integrated diffuser. Thanks to the notches in the glass, you can use an LED coaster to create a beautiful display of colour.

Size: 23cm without head

The valve ball used has a diameter of 10mm.

- high quality aluminum
- integrated diffuser
- Closed Chamber
- blow-out valve

Scope of Delivery:

  • Glass Base w/ Aluminum Thread
  • Aluminum Body and Stem
  • Soft Touch Silicone Hose
  • 25 cm Aluminum Mouthpiece
  • Bowl grommet
  • Carry Bag


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