Steamulation Ultimate One

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Steamulation Ultimate One

Innovation you can feel.

Steamulation® Ultimate was named the best shisha of 2023 by the ShishaMesse Awards.

Regardless of whether you are a restaurateur or a single-hose lover - experience unparalleled moments of pleasure with the Ultimate One, the single-hose version of the best shisha 2023.
With fantastic draft and all the exciting Steamulation® features, the Ultimate One offers you a truly unique overall package, developed for you.

Whether exclusively in your lounge or in the comfort of your own home - this premium shisha sets new standards.

The Steamulation® Ultimate One exceeds all the expectations you have of a single-hose shisha.


Scope of delivery - ULTIMATE ONE Shisha | hose adapter | Thread adapter | Expansion Kit

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Feel the flow - feel the unbelievable draft of your Steamulation single-hose shisha with every puff - and adjust it individually to your needs as usual.

Thread adapter

Optimized for the high demands of gastronomy - the thread adapter offers you more flexibility thanks to the optional, fixed connection of plate and smoke column.* [Included]

Air flow control

Your smoking experience is as unique as you are - adjust your draw resistance individually. The increased adjustment range of the expanded AirFlow Control, from very light to traditionally strong resistance, offers you a distinctive experience, especially to your taste.

Dual connection system

More freedom, more flexibility - the first single-hose shisha with a dual connection system for exciting combinations to suit your taste! Use your Ultimate One with your favorite plug-in bowl and create your own unique item.

With the Xpansion Kit you can easily switch between SteamClick and Xpansion mode - without an additional adapter! Plug-in bowls with a neck diameter of 44.5mm - 47.0mm are compatible.

[The Xpansion Kit is included - a plug-in bowl is not included]

Advanced diffuser

Do you feel it? The ultimate Steamulation smoke feeling!

Thanks to the float ball integrated in the diffuser, you can never accidentally flood your head or hose when blowing out. In addition, the diffuser reduces the resistance you feel when pulling.

With the new, more compact Advanced Diffusor [diameter 31mm] you can also use your Ultimate One with particularly narrow plug-in bowls.

Dip tube control

Easily adjust the immersion tube of your Ultimate One in 10 steps to your preferred water level or to the height of your plug-in bowl. With different settings for the immersion tube length and water level, you can also individually adjust the smoking behavior of your shisha.

In general, the deeper the immersion tube is in the water, the higher the pull-through resistance.

Cooling Control Compatibility

With the Cooling Control Adapter you can easily adjust the cooling of the head while smoking - never again burnt tobacco due to excessive heat!

[Optional Accessory - Not Included]

Cooling diffuser compatibility

You can also keep a cool head with the stylish cooling diffuser. In its noble real carbon housing, it combines cooling technology with 4 purge valves, a 10-stage adjustable immersion tube, a diffuser with 16 air nozzles and a self-cleaning effect, a molasses catcher and a valve that prevents the shisha from flooding. The cooling diffuser replaces the regular dip tube of your Ultimate One.

[Optional Accessory - Not Included]

X Blow Off+ Compatibility

Discover 31 different blow-off variants, which you can intuitively adjust while smoking. Choose your favorite sleeve color and customize your Ultimate One!


*Note: The thread adapter connects the cone adapter and smoke column firmly and securely. However, since it can happen that the user accidentally did not close the SteamClick or Xpansion closure correctly, we always recommend carrying it on the glass.