Hookah Bowl Traditional Female Red Clay

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The Red Clay Hookah Bowls have been around for centuries. They were in fact the first used material to make hookah bowls. Clay making technology and craftsmanship has evolved over time to create durable, solid, trendy, stylish clay bowls.

Traditionally, hookah bowls were made out of a red clay that comes from the Middle East, India, or China. The clay get stronger and stronger with extendied exposure to high temperature. This clay bowl in made in Hebron, a city known for its historic production of clay artisans, like potteries, mugs, plates, etc. Our factory in Hebron expose the clay to high temperature reaching 1200 c making the clay almost impossible to break. Then the paint get exposed again to almost 900 C to make it stick forever on the click and does not fade.

Each clay bowl is made one by one on traditional machine by our craftmen, producing perfect symmetry in the bowl look and structure.

Many will use the Red Clay Bowl for one dedicated flavor, this one is a glazed bowl and will not retain any flavor, it is easily washable. If you want a clay bowl with no glazing, check out our other products