Kaloud® Aeolis® Argis® Hose

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The Kaloud® Aeolis® Argis® Hose has a White weave with an Ash Wood Handle and Silver Colored Stainless Steel Metal Parts

We are so happy to welcome the Kaloud® Aeolis® Hoses to the Kaloud® Family of products.

The name "Aeolis®" comes from a fusion of the name of the King and Keeper of Wind (Aeolus) combined with the name of the Titan Goddess of the Dawn (Eos), and so it means Dawn Wind... that clean crisp wind that heralds a new day and all the possibilities it holds available.  

We thought a lot about what would make a hose great and here's our answer:

  1. Platinum Cured Silicone - The hose is antibacterial so those nasty little microbes won't find an easy home here
  2. Easy to Pass - No more fumbling around, the handle rotates and so you can pass with ease
  3. Durability - The Aeolis hose is made using high grade stainless steel and solid wood, so treat her well and she'll last a very long time, but as always, we stand behind our products, and are here if there are issues with your purchase
  4. Beauty - We believe beauty is fundamental to an excellent experience and so these hoses will be among the most beautiful available
  5. Unrestricted - The inner diameter is among the widest in the market and so pull in those sweet sweet clouds to your heart's content
  6. We Got You - A tip and adapter come standard with every hose so you can use it with almost any Hookah on the market

We hope you enjoy the Kaloud Aeolis® Hose as much as we enjoyed creating it!