Caesar Crystal Cone - Rock - Clear Hookah Glass

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The Rock Design has a stone-like surface with its wide and angled cuts, which almost looks futuristic. This Low-Poly look offers constantly new visual stimuli and simply looks awesome.

In the Cone Design, the wide base of the glass base provides stability, which is further enhanced by its cone shape. This shape elegantly directs the viewer's gaze upwards and gives the smoke column and the glass base plenty of space to unfold their effect.
Caesar Crystal Bohemia manufactures glassware in the Czech Republic that are simply masterpieces. The plug-in glass bases made of high-quality lead crystal are particularly durable when used correctly. Each glass base is handmade, and each design is individually ground into the glass, making the glass bases from the Czech Republic unique works of art.

Perfect your setup with the unique look of a Caesar Crystal glass base!

Inner diameter (neck opening): 4.5cm
Height: 26.5cm
Color: Clear
Cut: Rock
Shape: Cone

Note: Compatible with all Moze hookahs, but designed for large hookahs such as Varity, Dash, Noir, and Sphere.
In addition, small air inclusions (e.g. air bubbles) may occur in the glass base and therefore do not constitute a reason for complaint!