​Why Hookah Is Loved: Hookah vs Other Smoking Methods

​Why Hookah Is Loved: Hookah vs Other Smoking Methods

Posted by Fadi Lteif on 2019 Jul 10th

In recent years, the popularity of hookahs has increased worldwide. Many people do not get enough of the intoxicating aroma, the sound of water bubbling, and the relaxed atmosphere that is shared with friends. 

Double apples, pineapple, watermelon and grapes, strawberries, chewing gum or mint, the hookah really has something for everyone. There are more hookah hookups in the world, so you do not have to search too much to find your favorite past-time anywhere you go.

But why is smoking hookah among the most preferred method of enjoying tobacco the world over? It is clear that these burning hookahs will be around for a long while. Here are a few reasons it is so loved.

1. Hookahs are Easily Available

Hookahs have spread to every corner of the world with hookah bars and lounges common in major cities and suburbs. Hookah and tobacco stores are also commonplace, and the convenience of buying them online makes it even easier for people to get access. Basically, you are sure to find a hookah anywhere you go, and the prices are usually not very high.

2. It is Exotic

Hookahs are considered exotic. Inspired by non-Western traditions, smoking hookah creates a unique alternative atmosphere. The fact that not everyone knows the story of the hookah makes it a source of curiosity. It oftens sparks dialogue and connects people to new friends. Most importantly, as smoking hookah is a traditionally social activity, it offers an environment for people from all walks of life to talk, relax and unwind. Although it is becoming more and more common around the world, it is still a unique entertainment and leisure activity.

3. It has a Relaxing Vibe to it

Many people love the café atmosphere and recreational environment of hookah centered facilities. Those who wish to participate in night activities may also prefer the relaxed atmosphere of the hookah to avoid the fast pace of typical nightlife. The fact that you can smoke hookah in classy places and environment with no loud music or other disturbing elements attracts many hookah smokers. You can just relax anywhere and smoke it.

4. Interesting Hookah Origins

Evaluating the cultural origin of hookah only improves its panache, reveals some common misconceptions and myths, and invites newcomers to experience the cultural values of hookah. This has made most people curious to smoke hookah, and the myths surrounding hookah makes them want to be associated with hookah.

5. Hookah is Smoked by the Elite

If smoking was a cultural practice prior to the colonial era, researchers believe that other organic materials were also smoked. These ingredients include cannabis, opium and other herbal amalgams. Originally, the hookah was reserved for the elite, including nobles, intellectuals, and religious leaders. By smoking hookah, these characters could awaken their thoughts, reflect on social, political and philosophical issues and think deeply to make intentional decisions.

6. Thick Clouds of Smoke

The most noticeable thing with hookah is the huge plumes of smoke. Hookah produces more smoke than any other form of smoking, and this is what has drawn so many to it. The thick smoke definitely beats smoke from everything else like cigarettes and other forms of smoking, and it is not uncommon to see hookah fans having a fun competition of who is better at blowing smoke.