How To Blow Thicker Smoke Clouds From Your Hookah

How To Blow Thicker Smoke Clouds From Your Hookah

Posted by Fadi Lteif on 2019 Jul 16th

Hookahs are known for their thick clouds of smoke, and this is one the core reasons why so many people love smoking shisha. The thicker smoke gives the smoker a fun kick and feeling of accomplishment. Unfortunately, many still do not know what to do to guarantee that thick smoke. Below are some tips and tricks to help you get denser smoke from each puff.

1. Add Ice

Add more ice and enough water in the hookah base. The water should cover the downstem. The technique should be used together with an iced hookah hose that cools the smoke before you inhale so you can add more coal and ice. This will make the smoke thicker without it getting harsh. When air cools, it tends to condense, which will enable you to fit more smoke in your lungs. The body will warm the vapor, hence expanding it. You are therefore going to exhale more smoke than you inhaled. Well, that is a lot of science but basically, you are going to get thicker smoke.

2. Use A Heat Management System

Try using a heat management system. The system will enable you to control the heat that is applied to your hookah bowl. The improved heat management will have you exhaling denser clouds of smoke in no time at all. The heat management system is usually easy to use and not complicated for a first time user. Constant use of a heat management system will help you know how you like it so that you can get thicker smoke every time.

3. Dense Pack Method

Most people use the dense-pack method to make their hookah smoke thicker. This is the process of putting more shisha into the hookah bowl hence increasing the amount of smoke coming out of the hose. There is a chance that one might overpack, but the good thing is, there is a way to avoid that. Load the bowl as you usually do before the hookah session. Add another layer on top of it and make sure it is tight. Use a shisha fork to poke the shisha to create little pockets of air. This is recommended to increase flow of heat through the bowl. As much as this method works, there are some types of shisha that will get you a far better experience than others. Try using juicy shisha and dry shisha then note the difference. You will notice that the juicy shisha has a better outcome most of the time.

4. Use a Diffuser

This little device might look small but will have a massive impact on the density of the smoke coming from the hose. Attach the diffuser to the bottom of the hookah. You will notice a huge difference right away. The diffuser breaks down the smoke into smaller particles as it passes through the stem into the water. This will allow the water to filter out the larger particles from the smoke in an efficient way. The airflow will be smoother and your entire hookah session better. The increased airflow will also help with overall smoke production. Because the large particles will be broken down to smaller particles, rumbling sounds from the hookah will also be greatly reduced.

5. Change the Hookah Hose

Hookah hoses are not the same. The reason why your smoke is not thick might be due to the type of hose you are using. Hoses are not created equal, and an occasional swapping of hoses won't hurt. Try a different hose that has a different gauge and diameter. This will help you draw better from your hookah and you will be surprised at how much thicker your smoke will be because of the change of the hose. Small washable hoses might have restricted air flow, which may be the reason you are not getting the thick smoke you want. Try using a wider hose to help create an open draw from the hookah. If the wider hose makes you feel like you are using too much lung power, get a smaller one which helps create a tighter pull.