Amotion Roam Hose Adapter

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About the Amotion Roam

The first shisha from Amotion was the Roam. This compact travel shisha is very popular with those who like to enjoy a bowl or two while on vacation. It is lightweight, robust, stable, and its soft-touch surface makes it a real eye-catcher. Another important point for a travel shisha is the materials used. When designing this shisha, we consciously avoided using glass so that you can use it in places like festivals. Additionally, we offer plenty of practical travel accessories for the Roam, so you can easily and safely transport it anywhere.

Spare Parts for the Amotion Roam

Even though the Amotion Roam consists of only a few parts due to its construction, some of them can still get lost. Therefore, we offer the most important parts for all our shishas as individual replacement parts. Thanks to our short delivery times, the missing parts will be with you in no time.