Zanobia Coco Army Coconut Charcoal 1KG - 64 Pieces 26mm Cubes

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Zanobia Coco Army coconut charcoal

High quality
Coco Army Coconut Hookah Charcoal has been a favorite within the hookah community for many years thanks to its low ashing, flavorless, and odorless qualities. These charcoals are designed specifically for hookahs and contain no quick lighting chemicals, making them ideal for smoking hookah. These hookah charcoals are commonly used in hookah lounges because of their exceptional quality. Zanobia has been manufacturing Coco Army charcoal under its trademark with the high standard of quality control, to make sure Zanobia customers get a very good type of product.
64 pieces per box. Large size cut, 26 * 26 * 26

No odor. Stays lit during use.

Please Note: These are NOT Quick Light Charcoals and you will need a coal burner to Light the coals.

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