Sleeve Assembly Instructions

Assembly of optional sleeves and purge adapters

To mount a sleeve, first unscrew the smoke column from the
base. Now place the Steamulation Sleeve Upgrade Adapter with
its flat side points upwards.

Now take an optional Steamulation Purge Adapter and guide it
over the smoke column up to the 18/8 grind, where there is an
outer cone that holds the adapter. Make sure that the adapter is
mounted the right way round. Now put an optional sleeve over
the smoke column and insert it into the center of the
Steamulation Purge Adapter

In the final step, please take the smoke column with the optional
sleeve and purge adapter and put it through the Steamulation
Sleeve Upgrade Adapter. Then screw the smoke column
hand-tight to the base. It is advisable to first grasp the smoke
column at the upper end and screw it into the thread a few turns

Caution: Make sure that your optional sleeve is securely centred
in both adapters so that no foreign air escapes