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QUASAR, a French brand known for pioneering the first thermal bowl, has introduced their latest flagship product - the RAAS, the ultimate thermal head. With a reworked design, inspired by their previous V2 model, the RAAS represents the epitome of QUASAR's expertise, providing a reliable taste experience.

The QUASAR RAAS stands out for its meticulous selection of materials.

  • The glass bowl ensures even heat distribution, intensifying the taste sensation tenfold.
  • High-quality aluminum heating system to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the session.
  • The silicone parts add to the luxurious aesthetic while preventing burns.
  • Requires only two cubic coals to reach its maximum potential.

The heating system's interior has been redesigned with small pins to prevent the charcoal from going out and a double wall to prevent ash from falling into the bowl, preserving the flavor.

The borosilicate glass bowl* has been redesigned around the Phunnel area, making setup intuitive for both professionals and amateurs, delivering consistent results and an authentic flavor conversion.

Depending on the dose, the QUASAR RAAS can deliver a gentle, intermediate, or intense session, between 15 and 25 grams.

The silicone connector may seem insignificant, but it plays a vital role in managing airflow, fitting all male focus connectors, and ensuring the ideal temperature for a fulfilling session.

The patented airflow system of the QUASAR RAAS maintains constant air exchange between the hot and cold air, resulting in a self-regulated heating system that delivers an enjoyable session with a rich flavor profile.

Note: Borosilicate glass is known for its high resistance to thermal shock, meaning it can withstand sudden temperature changes without breaking

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