MIT Luxury Bowl - Kybele (Exclusive Collection)

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MIT Luxury Bowls - Spartacus (Artist Collection) 

This is a lipped bowl made for use with a HMD and it is quite shallow. Aluminum foil can be used too, with an Apple On Top(AOT)

Capacity - 7g - 12g Shisha Tobacco 

These luxury bowls are handmade in Turkey.

Mit Luxury Bowls are expertly crafted by hand, utilizing a combination of German and American stone clay mud. Moreover, our glazes are specifically designed for safe food consumption.

The firing process comprises two distinct phases. Initially, the ceramics are fired at 950 degrees Celsius, followed by a second firing that reaches temperatures ranging from 1240 to 1280 degrees Celsius.

MIT corp. takes pride in providing you with an exceptional smoking experience, thanks to their dedication to fine craftsmanship.