MaCobra - Hands-Free Hookah Mouthpiece - Red

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MaCobra - Hands-Free Hookah Mouthpiece - Red

Hey there, all you hookah enthusiasts who love to puff away while conquering virtual realms or dominating card games with your pals! Get ready to rejoice because the accessory you've been dreaming of is finally here: introducing the one and only Macobra mouthpiece - Hands Free! 

Using this game-changing innovation is a piece of cake! Just connect the Macobra hose to your trusty silicone hose, throw it around your neck with ease, and tweak the mouthpiece to fit your style perfectly.

The Macobra hose is made from super-flexible material and boasts a design so rad that it effortlessly molds itself into any shape, giving your neck a customized and comfy fit.

With the Macobra Hose - Hands Free, you can now dive headfirst into your smoking and gaming adventures without the annoying task of gripping your hose. This accessory is the epitome of convenience, giving you the ultimate freedom to fully enjoy your favorite activities.

So, go ahead and embrace the awesomeness that the Macobra Hose brings to your smoking and gaming combo! It's time to level up your experience like never before.

Length: 24 inches