OTTO Mini Joy Hookah

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 OTTO Mini Joy Hookah


Delve into the epitome of hookah luxury with the OTTO Mini JOY Hookah, meticulously crafted in Spain using the finest 304/V2A stainless steel and resin.

Elevate your smoking experience to unprecedented heights with this pinnacle of design and performance.


Unveil the Captivating Features of the OTTO Mini JOY Hookah:

 Authentic Spanish Ingenuity: Immerse yourself in the world of precision engineering, as the hookah boasts a seamless fusion of 304/V2A stainless steel and resin, ensuring unrivaled durability and sophistication.

Elegance Redefined: Each element is meticulously designed, from the sleek contours of the base to the premium hose and mouthpiece, culminating in a visual symphony of refinement.

Unparalleled Sensory Delight: Crafted with 304/V2A stainless steel for enduring robustness, complemented by 6mm black plastic balls for a supremely smooth smoking experience that tantalizes the senses.

Complete Luxurious Experience: The hookah arrives as a comprehensive package, including the base, hose, mouthpiece, and plate, promising a seamless journey into indulgence.

Portability Perfected: Weighing a mere 1kg, in addition to the base, its lightweight design ensures effortless mobility, allowing you to savor opulence wherever your adventures take you.


Experience the OTTO Mini JOY Hookah and elevate your smoking ritual to an unparalleled realm of sophistication and pleasure.


*Base is not included and sold separately.

**Hose and Handle are included