Kolos Tang - Mita

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Kolos Tang - Mita

The Mita hookah bowl is designed and produced by Russian hookah company Kolos Tang. It is molded and glazed by hand, offered in a number of beautiful colour combinations. This bowl features a traditional (5 hole) design which allows for more flavourful pulls. These bowls are made of high quality clay and fired with milk to achieve a glazed look. The glaze prevents flavours from staining the bowl, which allows the flavour used in each session to remain pure. The Mita is a short bowl, at 3" tall, which reduces the risk of toppling over.


  • Traditional design
  • 5 holes
  • Height: 3.00"
  • Width: 2.60"
  • Capacity: 20g-25g


Due to the handmade nature of this product each unit may vary slightly from the listed photo