Khalil Mamoon Gold Safari  Violin

Khalil Mamoon Gold Safari Violin

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The Khalil Mamoon Safari Violin Hookah is what Khalil Mamoon has to offer in a smaller package. The Safari Violin may be small but performs just as well as its bigger counterparts.

In the Box: Stem, Tray, Glass Base, Hose, Tongs, Bowl, cleaning brushes for vase and stem

*Khalil Mamoons are built to last, using heavy duty materials and welds that make each hookah last virtually a lifetime. Their quality, performance and style make them an obvious choice for serious hookah smokers world-wide. 
Since each hookah is hand made, no two will be exactly the same which adds to the unique appeal of an authentic hand made hookah. Since the Khalil Mamoon hookahs are handmade, they usually have slight variations from hookah to hookah. 
Weld marks, minor scuffs and scratched on the stem or other marks which may occur from bending the metal such as on the top of the hose port is normal. Some hookahs contain visible weld lines or unpolished metal at the welds and Glasses (Vase) are hand painted and may have slight variations from glass to glass.