AEON Edition 5 - Lounge Plus

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Aeon - Edition 5 - Lounge Plus

It's time for the next generation.
For those who want to take their hookah to the next level while having full control over their setup, there is no better choice than the AEON Edition 5 - Lounge Plus. With impressive features and unbeatable quality, it is an absolute highlight and offers you an unparalleled smoking experience.

Blowoff adjustable
Thanks to the crown on the heart, you now have the option to adjust the blowoff individually. You have the choice between two different blowoffs at the base and additionally between two options at the top of the ashtray (either closed or open).

Draw adjustable
Thanks to the built-in magnet on your hose connector, you have the ability to customize the draw on your smoke column. The magnetic force moves a ball that can be placed in different diameters, allowing you to adjust the draw from about 11mm to as low as 8.6mm. So you can optimize your smoking experience even further and adapt to your personal preferences.

Integrated molasses catcher
Enough for 1-2 sessions, easy to clean and is hidden in the smoke column. Can be taken out and cleaned very easily. Can be removed very easily if you do not need it.

New design
The editions have been given a new look, characterized by angular contours, giving them a refreshing and modern look.

Sleeves can be changed
The Edition 5 is equipped with an inverted smoke column, which is already included in the standard scope of delivery. To customize the appearance of your Edition 5, you only need a different sleeve. No other accessories are required.


Material: Glass, V2A stainless steel
Blow-Off: Adjustable, Horizontal, Vertical upwards
Product type: Hookah
Number of hose connections: 1
Base closure type: Screw closure
Perfect for: At home
Size: Large