Yahya Freeze Insert Hookah Hose

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For those of you that want to experience the super cool chilled smoke effect, this Yahya Freeze hookah hose with inserting capsules is the amazing deal you were looking for. It has a handle that unscrews so you can fit the frozen water capsule. The smoke will be cooled down each time it passes around the frozen capsule.

How do you freeze it? It is so easy. Just put it in the standard freezer and leave it there for several hours. Afterwards, you will enjoy the amazing chilled smoke effect. The Yahya Freeze Insert Hookah Hose is available in Myhookah.ca and is waiting for your purchase. Get yours now.

More About Yahya

Yahya is a leading producer and distributor of the best quality hookahs, hookah accessories and flavored tobacco. Despite the wide collection of branded traditional and exotic designed hookah, they distribute their trademark charcoal- Coco Lava and starsYahya. They convey the most famous brands and kinds of hookah in the world. Their tobacco is made of the finest tobacco and gives you amazing flavorful taste.

Whether you choose their original tobacco products or the branded hookahs and hookah accessories they distribute, you’ve made a wonderful choice.