Yahya Freeze Handle Magic Hose

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With this Yahya product, you’ll experience a chilled smoke! The Yahya Freeze Handle Hookah Hose has incredible features that every passionate hookah smoker would fall for. Its handle unscrews to fit the water capsule that cools down the hookah smoke. This hose fits on almost every hookah. So it’s time to purchase a super deal of the Yahya freeze handle magic hose with the affordable price today.

More About Yahya

Yahya is Hookah Distribution Center and leading manufacturer of the best quality hookahs and tobacco items in the United States. Yahya distributes a wide collection of branded hookahs, hookah accessories, flavored tobacco and their trademark charcoal – Coco Lava and StarsYahya. Yahya is also known for their awesome quality and low-cost products available.