MYA BLAZE 129 - New Tech

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Upgrade after upgrade, the Blaze has been a changing machine! The Blaze started with a light-up feature, then got an interchangeable color stem, and how boasts our new X-Function technology. Newer is always better with MYA's technological advancements and innovative designs. The Blaze 129 now features 10 color choices from regular and frosted glass bases, in addition to 6 interchangeable stem options, and our most recent patented lock-on system. Now more than ever, the Blaze is your best pick for your social kick.

If you’re a Blaze lover, MYA has brought the newest addition to your collection. Still sturdy and heavy, the newest MYA blaze will go beyond your Hookah expectations. The Blaze 129 is characterized by its 5.2 pounds of innovation and creativity, plus a functionality that will make your experience even better. No more harsh smoke or stale taste! The Blaze’s X-Function will save the day with a simple blow. And if variety defines you, our ten color bases and six stem color choice is something you will not want to miss. Be fully prepared, shop your MYA carrying case, and make your Blaze your everywhere take! Be sure to also check out the Blaze 128 in this collection.